Tuesday, April 28, 2009

thankful list

I'm keeping a list of all the things I'm thankful for, adding to it each day.

  1. Jesus Christ
  2. His amazing sacrifice
  3. my Salvation
  4. God's grace
  5. my husband, Toby
  6. my first born, Taylan
  7. my second born, Kanyon
  8. my third born, Jonyn
  9. my fourth born, Brennen
  10. my fifth born, Greyson
  11. five boys!
  12. my Mom
  13. my brother, Jared
  14. his wife, Kyla
  15. my Nanny and Papa
  16. all my in-laws
  17. friends
  18. our KK and GG
  19. changing seasons
  20. rain
  21. sunshine-y days
  22. God's word, the Bible
  23. books
  24. the babies we lost, now in the arms of Jesus
  25. puppies
  26. the smell of roses
  27. rainbows
  28. food
  29. blankets
  30. a place to live
  31. board games
  32. music
  33. my church family
  34. cameras, mine in particular
  35. photos
  36. my creative side
  37. blogs and blogging
  38. the Cross
  39. blogger friends
  40. the lovelies who read my little blog
  41. breastfeeding
  42. Boppy pillows
  43. baby slings and carriers
  44. my bed
  45. and my pillow
  46. soap nuts
  47. cloth diapers
  48. my Weimaraner, Missy
  49. ceiling fans
  50. shampoo
  51. phones
  52. slippers
  53. pj pants
  54. a working vehicle
  55. trips home to visit family
  56. giving hearts
  57. laughter
  58. snow
  59. sleeping babies
  60. warm fuzzy baby blankets
  61. sleep
  62. teachers
  63. our Basset/Beagle Sallie, even if she chews and has a tiny bladder ;)
  64. happy tears
  65. good and wise advice
  66. my sewing machine
  67. toothbrushes, definitely
  68. luke-warm showers
  69. my husband's job
  70. and his guitar playing ability
  71. staying home with my babies
  72. prayer
  73. love
  74. joy
  75. lotion for my ever so dry skin
  76. nap time
  77. early bedtimes
  78. hugs from my children
  79. pregnancy
  80. lavender baby wash
  81. and lavender baby lotion
  82. the smell of something baking in the oven
  83. homemade cookies
  84. homemade hot chocolate, sometimes with peanut butter, or a candy cane
  85. bed head on the kids
  86. heaven
  87. the beauty of the earth
  88. the glow of the sun in the morning
  89. my once a year Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks
  90. my education (though I didn't make it through college, I'm happy with what I have)
  91. life lessons
  92. growth
  93. possibilities
  94. the smell of my Mom's hair
  95. technology (though sometimes I could use a little less)
  96. long distant friends
  97. my kids' laughter when tickled!
  98. mechanical pencils
  99. the sound of my husbands heartbeat
  100. answered prayers
  101. tears
  102. ponytail holders
  103. chubby baby feet
  104. and chubby toddler feet :)
  105. doctors
  106. medicine
  107. happy thoughts
  108. tea tree oil
  109. vinegar
  110. cloth napkins
  111. flowers
  112. random acts of kindness
  113. Sprite
  114. baby chub
  115. baby nightgowns
  116. visits from family
  117. date night!
  118. eyesight
  119. life
  120. being a stay at home mom
  121. Weight Watchers
  122. support
  123. birthdays 
  124. vitamin D
  125. healthy children
  126. Weight Watchers
  127. fruit
  128. veggies
  129. yogurt
  130. my husband's talent
  131. glasses for my boy
  132. GNO! (girl's night out)
  133. pedicures. the whole 2 I've had :)
  134. Proverbs 14:1
  135. our bunny
  136. Cat (the cat who adopted us. Yes, Cat is her name).
  137. being debt free! woot!! we're almost there.
  138. hair cuts (the two per year I usually get!)
  139. pony tails!!
  140. nail polish
  141. cute sandals
  142. tennis shoes, especially those that last a couple of years!
  143. puzzles, especially when working them as a family.
  144. babies who sleep through the whole night.
  145. bunk beds
  146. the option to homeschool.
  147. organizing tools
  148. mechanical pencils
  149. erasers
  150. school supplies :)
  151. our crazy basset/beagle Sallie
  152. craft projects
  153. sidewalks
  154. second chances
  155. new possiblilities
  156. brand new days
  157. forgiveness
  158. old friends
  159. best friends
  160. new friends, too!
  161. my faith
  162. moving to a new town
  163. owning our first home after nearly 11 years of marriage
  164. home cooked meals
  165. rich desserts
  166. starting over
  167. books that I buy but don't read right away
  168. finally reading those books exactly when I need to
  169. my husband cooking breakfast for us
  170. my baby starting to walk
  171. having a 5th baby
  172. freshly painted walls
  173. morning sickness that tells me my baby is growing
  174. full pantry and fridge
  175. big kids helping around the house
  176. grocery shopping alone [without kids]
  177. hot water
  178. seeing friends be successful
  179. getting a do over with each new day
  180. opening all the blinds and curtains to light my home
  181. Thanksgiving and all that it means
  182. spending our first holiday in our new home
  183. the truth the Bible gives us to follow on a daily basis
  184. a pastor that preaches from the heart
  185. a Sunday morning full of emotion and soul nourishment
  186. Thanksgiving and all that it truly stands for
  187. do-overs. i.e. another day
  188. Communion
  189. serving
  190. giving
  191. climbing out of deep pits with Jesus
  192. prayer journaling
  193. seeing a little light in a dark place
  194. friends who totally get me
  195. my toddler who dresses himself in weird ways
  196. my baby who sucks his thumb
  197. and carries around a blanket when he's tired
  198. crying during church
  199. lists
  200. challenges
  201. my kids' quirks
  202. watching my toddler's vocabulary grow
  203. getting to be with the one I love forever
  204. God's perfect timing
  205. Jonyn calls dad "Tobys"
  206. Jonyn says "Low-lee!" and it means I love you.
  207. all four boys playing outside together
  208. vanilla coke 
  209. boys happily doing school work
  210. boys completing school in a timely manner
  211. my boy accepting Jesus
  212. happy tears for his salvation
  213. thin mints with my toddler
  214. sleep babies wanting morning naps
  215. the sound of Jo's kisses on B's head
  216. K reading a picture book to Jo
  217. T reading a Bible verse aloud
  218. my boys quoting scripture
  219. the way B leans his cheek into my kisses
  220. Jo wearing Cars big boys all day long
  221. new small group friends
  222. taking a risk
  223. signing up a mom/wife mentoring program
  224. awesome notebook clearance finds
  225. awesome curtain clearance find
  226. helping a friend navigate photo editing
  227. a dining table that seats 8-9
  228. that is also super gorgeous
  229. choosing a name for boy #5
  230. making my boys happy with pen and paper for $4
  231. visits from my Mom
  232. dreams of owning land
  233. happy morning babies
  234. boys who can do housework
  235. comfortable pants
  236. pandora music-calm and full of worship
  237. four boys on one couch for a photo
  238. warm breezy sunshine-y days
  239. open windows and doors
  240. fresh air in
  241. play time with just Baby B
  242. Daddy taking the big kids ice skating
  243. organizational tools
  244. potted flowers gifted from my boys
  245. mornings breezy and warm enough to open windows
  246. chats with old friends
  247. all four kids going to bed with out a fight
  248. evening showers
  249. love with my husband
  250. baby rolls and kicks in my warm, safe womb
  251. letting Sallie go live with the in-laws
  252. her being so much happier for it
  253. little voices floating in through the windows from outside play
  254. mornings so perfect, doors and windows are opened
  255. brennen's two year old voice
  256. choosing to take a week off homeschooling, just because
  257. five boys on one couch for a photo
  258. neighborhood friends playing with the boys
  259. football on the couch with my honey
  260. self entertaining babies
  261. laughing hysterically
  262. kids entertained by paper air planes
  263. a toddler made happy by a random band-aid
  264. school days that end early.
  265. growing herbs
  266. tax refund checks
  267. happy, healthy baby greyson
  268. home birth
  269. new mercies from above each morning
  270. the band "Gungor" singing "you make beautiful things"
  271. brennen's curls getting even longer
  272. that feel of baby's head on your shoulder.
  273. little God-prompts on my heart to step outside of myself
  274. little star wars origami's everywhere
  275. God drawing me closer
  276. ipad time for kids
  277. yard sale with a friend
  278. chalkboard paint 
  279. potty training. because it's one step closer to no more diapers.
  280. chores for kids
  281. big curly toddler hair.
  282. friends who encourage.
  283. surprise visiting my bff in washington
  284. spending a week with that bff
  285. first veggies from my garden.
  286. teaching my bff to use her camera
  287. dreaming up new dreams and goals
  288. God providing funds for my family when needed
  289. the @shereadstruth community on ig
  290. my nursling wanting to continue on beyond a year old
  291. nights greyson sleeps well
  292. waking up before the rest of the house
  293. iced lattes, homemade from cold brew
  294. my bff's daughter making custom drawings of my fam.
  295. homemade almond milk
  296. making my honey vanilla bean coffee drinks in the morning.
  297. starting up a play group. 
  298. a full to the brim fruit basket
  299. homemade chai tea lattes
  300. reading aloud to my boys, the bible, history, and a good book
  301. midday, dancing with my baby sessions
  302. my unique boys, all getting alon
  303. a growing back yard garden
  304. taking a step of faith and starting a business with Premier
  305. garden suprises
  306. nursing my toddler (grey)
  307. clean, happy stacks of fluff!
  308. the way grey needs a blanket around his shoulders when he naps
  309. having a camera to capture the best smiles
  310. when baby's take things off their heads/faces and try to put it back on
  311. toddler joyfully jumping on my bed
  312. peaceful morning full of things i love
  313. trying new crochet patterns
  314. watching my boys grow to be productive, caring men
  315. nursing is always my favorite part of motherhood.
  316. crocheting things for my little loves

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  1. I want/ need to do this. I tried the Pinterest version but didn't find it as helpful. Soimmagonnastealthis. ;)


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