Friday, May 22, 2009

field trip!!

We went with Kanyon on his field trip today. We went up to Mrs. Doby's farm and went down to the creek and had some awesome sunshine, fishing, hot dogs, and marshmallows. Toby, the baby, and I were able to go with Kanyon's class today to help keep up with the kiddos and it was so much fun. As soon as we got there, we saw 3 beautiful horses near the fence. Then we headed down to the beautiful creek with a perfect spot to fish. The kids were so cute. The poles were just sticks with fishing line, bobbers and hooks. Some of the OTHER moms (not me) and dads helped the kiddos bait their hooks and catch the fish. They caught TWO!! Yay! The kids wanted to touch it before throwing it back (again not me...ew).After that, we built a camp fire and roasted hot dogs over it for the kiddos... yummy!
Then MARSHMALLOWS!!!... extra yummy!!
Baby Jonyn was sooo sleepy so he took a SUPER short nap.
Then we just hung out for a little bit before heading back to school. (I took this as an opportunity to practice shooting with my camera! It was great!!) It was such a good day. The kids had a blast! Kanyon loved it and Toby and I had a great time being able to go with him for the last field trip of the school year.

Check back soon for my absolute favorite photos from the trip!!  :)

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