Thursday, May 21, 2009


So I figured.... I always have random thoughts to share, so I think I will do them in parts, that way in the future, when they pop into my scatter-brained head, I won't have to think of a clever title :)

Anyhoo... this week we ran out of dishwasher detergent so our dishes KINDA piled up for a few days... ok, really piled up. I finally remembered to pick up some from the store and yesterday was trying to load up the dishwasher. For those who know me, you all know
that I am such a clutz!! I'm clumsey with everything, words, walking, carrying things, even just trying to hold things!! I drop a lot of stuff. So let me explain my kitchen cabinet: I have 3 sets of dishes. The first set is a plastic hodge podge set that I got from the summer section at Wal-mart one year. The second is a set I've had for 9 years now. It's Corelle and missing 2 small bowls, 2 large bowls, and a salad plate because I broke them. The third set is my Coca-Cola set that was missing 2 large bowls and a small bowl. Well as of yesterday, it is now missing a 3rd large bowl and a dinner plate! Yeah... they were sitting on the edge of the counter stacked yesterday morning while I was doing dishes and my elbow came right down on top of them. My only real thought was WATCH THE TOES!!!! So instead of trying to catch them.... I jumped out of the way and let 'em crash to the floor... :( so sad. I drop things A LOT in the kitchen. I've learned to move me feetsies out the way rather quickly. Can anyone relate??? (or is it just me?)

Also, I am super worried about the baby. I'm pretty sure he's okay, but my mommy-sense is kinda saying have it checked out. So on Sunday, he was only awake for probably 2 or 3 hours the entire day. Not normal for him at this age. And the WHOLE time he was awake he was sooo cranky, also not like him. He's usually happy and smiling and cooing. He had some nasty dipes that day so I'm thinking he had a stomach bug. (Kanyon was sorta the same way the next day). Well, I think it was on Friday that I first noticed Jonyn had some hard little knots behind his ears. I did ask a close friend who is a nurse what she thought. She confirmed my suspicions that it was just his lymph nodes. BUT they've gotten a little bigger, there's now two knots behind each ear and I'm just a little worried. If you know me, you know I'm not one to rush to the doctor for every little sniffle. So I'm trying to wait this out the rest of the week and see if they've gone down a little by Tuesday. I'm sure I'm fretting for no reason. I'm sure they're just swollen from being sick, so it's probably fine. I will let you know.

Ahhhh, my Kanyon. He is such a little monkey. The most difficult child I have so far. I love him with my whole heart. He is so adorable! I smile when I think of him. He is soooo sweet and loving and he loves to kiss and hug. He
is totally a physical touch kinda kid. (Taylan is words of affirmation). Last night, I'm at the kitchen table, he's standing at the couch. I look over, and he IMMEDIATELY puts something behinds his back and says (I laugh when I think about it)... he says " I'm sorry!" -ok, when a kid says this without being questioned, you know somethings wrong! I went to take a look, he found a marker that was on the bar, out of sight unless he was climbing up there, and he drew a BIG line down my less than a year old couch the size of a ruler!!!!!! What was he hiding behind his back?? Baby wipes. We keep some in the living room. Mmhmmm..... I made him go to his room. The whole way there he yelled through tears I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I DIDN'T MEAN TO! I'M SORRY! The kid is hilarious. He never means to do ANYTHING! His favorite phrase seems to be 'I didn't mean to'. Lucky for that boy, I'd been reading up on how to save money here and there and came across someone a couple of weeks ago that uses baby wipes as a stain remover instead of using sprays. I thought 'Really?? Could this work?' So I snatched a few out of the container and started scrubbing away. Sure enough... IT WORKED!!!! No more marker in my couch :) It was awesome! After that, I found a wad of like 6 baby wipes on the other side of the couch. My little monkey was trying to clean up his mess before mom and dad found out. It was quite a funny scene when all was said and done.

Oh, and I finally got Taylan's bday pics done.... here's my two faves... go to my photography blog HERE to see them all! I must say they are the best I've ever done of him!! And can I just say that I didn't give him any direction in this first one, he did this by himself!!

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