Monday, May 4, 2009


Those moments where I feel 'super' are fleeting. They rarely happen in my day to day routine. I'm thankful for the moments when I at least feel adequate, but so often, I feel like I fail my family--the very opposite of a supermom. Thankfully there are people and even companies out there that help us out by creating things that lend a helping hand. Two of my favorite inventions are the Boppy (couldn't live w/out it) and my SlingEzee (or as hubby calls it: "The Caveman Satchel"). I got it 3 years ago early in my 3rd pregnancy, because I loved carrying my baby 'on' me, but despised those buckling, snapping Snugli's. This is the first time I've been able to use it, and it's one the best purchases I've made. I carry Baby Jonyn in it when I walk to school every afternoon to pick up Taylan. I use it to grocery shop, or when we mall walk, or when we go to watch Toby coach kids hockey. I even love it when he wants to be held when I'm in the middle of something, like doing my make-up, or doing laundry, or fixing the lunch boxes, or pretty much anything that's not hazardous (like cooking). And it is SOOOO comfy!! Check it out HERE for you or for a shower gift. They also have a newer improved version. They're even fashionable now :) I absolutely adore mine!!

Here's my Caveman Satchel :)

The boys and I were being silly with my camera last night... and here is the result of that :)...don't we look AWESOME?! LOVE Jonyn's closed eyes and Kanyon's one eye... hee hee... they're so sweet... I love them with my whole heart :)

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