Wednesday, May 13, 2009

picking up the story...

Wowzaaa! I just haven't had much free time these past few days. But for now, the baby is taking his afternoon I'll catch you up. So about my ice cream story.... I had to turn a bowl down on Mother's Day. Mmhmmm.... My kiddos and hubby had some, but I couldn't because we think I might have gall stones.. yeah. fun. I keep having pain attacks in my chest area under my bust line. My back between my shoulder blades hurts when it happens too. They are sooooo painful. I could *almost* compare it to contractions. The first 3 times, it lasted 20 - 30 minutes. The last time it was over an hour, super painful. I mean, I almost went the hospital WITHOUT INSURANCE the first time it happened. So Toby and I researched what it could be. The only thing we could really find was gall stones. Women are way more likely than men to develop them. Some of the people at risk, are pregnant women, or women who take birth control, overweight people, people who lose weight rapidly, and there's others, but that's what applies to me. I did just have a baby, I've lost 35lbs since the day he was born (after only gaining 6lbs w/him), I am still a somewhat overweight, and I do take bc pills. The attacks usually occur after a fatty meal and at night. Well, on Mother's Day, I had to watch my family enjoy a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream because the night before (actually at 5am that morning) is when my more than an hour long attack happened after having ice cream before bed. Terrible huh??

Anyhow, today is a week since I decided to challenge myself to find the humor in all situations. I think I've done much better at cooling my temper when I get upset. Kanyon is always a little pill, so at times, I had to look reeeaaaallllllyyyy hard to find some humor when dealing with him. He is a clown though, even when he's throwing a tantrum. He's so funny, and that face of his is soo cute! Taylan is almost always a good kid. Doesn't get into trouble nearly as much as Kanyon. So... I did pretty good this week, now time to tackle another week of taming my temper :) And.... I still have a few more things to cross out on my list that I started on Thursday *eek*, but I am going to make a new one today and tackle it tomorrow! yay for lists!

Also, I almost forgot!! Yesterday was my Taylan's bday! He is SIX now! We went to Chuck E Cheese's and this year we let him pick out all his presents, so we went to the store and did that last night too. Then came home for some cake I made out of a box and ice cream. No-I didn't refuse this time! We were celebrating! We had such a good time! The boys were so good last night. I thank the Lord for nights like that!

Now, however, I am back to watching what I eat for me, and for Jonyn. If my diet is bad, it affects him. For instance, caffeine makes him spit up like crazy. So I don't drink my cokes anymore :( And for the most part I try to avoid sweets (except on special occasions) and other really bad foods so his tummy doesn't hurt.

Alright, have a fabulous evening!! Aren't my guys cute???

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