Thursday, May 21, 2009


Real quick... you should have a look-see at this website. I've started cleaning with vinegar and baking soda lately instead of buying chemicals to clean with. It's definitely a little more cost effective and I can tell you it made my cabinets look so fresh and clean, like I had just applied a fresh coat of white paint. I just didn't realize ALL the things vinegar could do.... check it out for yourself HERE.


  1. That is all symbols and no words (does it look like that on your page too?)

  2. That's so funny!! I use mozilla firefox as my browser and it looks perfect. It's only on internet explorer that it looks all crazy! I will fix it!! Thanks for letting me know!

  3. I use vinegar as a stain remover for clothes and recently tried it on my carpet. The stain came right out...I LOVE's like a miracle stain remover. Then at our other house...Maggie had a really runny diaper and when I walked into the living room it had ran down everywhere...gross I know...sorry. So I took a bowl with vinegar and water with a scrub brush and it all came right out along with the was like it never happened...I too am a huge fan of vinegar!


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