Friday, May 8, 2009

spilled dr. pepper

This morning started out .... well, not so great. After fixing the boys' cereal, I put the milk back on the top shelf of the fridge, but apparently had a little problem with depth perception. I sat it on the very front edge of the shelf, and BAM, it fell straight down and landed on a giant cup of Toby's Dr. Pepper that I had JUST put there 10 seconds earlier. Dr. Pepper went EVERYWHERE in the fridge. All over the shelves, in the drawers where I have my fresh fruits and veggies. Somehow, it managed to get INSIDE a bag of carrots that I hadn't even opened yet. I decided to clean it up right then instead of waiting til the boys left for school. I was so frustrated, more with myself than the DP. I reeeaaally had a hard time seeing the humor.... it took a while - a long while. But in the end, the humor, or rather the up-side did come. I may have made a huge mess, but at least the fridge is nice and clean now :) but for the rest of the day, my to-do list is HUGE! I LOVE making lists (betcha didn't know that about me) but have such a hard time following through. But today is the day that I plan on finishing my list. So far so good. I allowed myself an hour of computer time then on to the rest.... My time is up, so now I will do the dishes, wipe down my cabinets (they're white so you can imagine how yucky they are), declutter my table, bar, and scrapbook area, pick up the living room... okay, I could go on, but we all know what a housework to-do list looks like.

Have a great day moms... I'm going to try and make mine productive on this super-hot-summer-like-over-100-degrees day. Ick.

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