Wednesday, May 6, 2009

laughing in chaos

I have my days (like today) when I'm absolutely exhausted and don't get a thing accomplished. On days like this, I have to make a conscious effort to RELAX when it comes to the boys. I tend to get frustrated with them (and the hubby) easier when I'm worn out. These kind of days make me more grateful for the days when laughing comes much easier.... like yesterday, when I was trying to take Jonyn's picture for my previous blog post. He was so cute and actually let me photograph him to show off his cutie outfit and in the middle of all of it THIS happened:

Funny huh?? I love his 'sneezy' face... really I love all the faces he makes :) Babies are sweet no matter what they're doing. I wish it were the same with my older boys. Kanyon's not so sweet when he's tossing around his attitude and being defiant. He still looks adorable and innocent :) just acts rotten in those moments. Taylan is a much more mellow personality than Kanyon, less fit throwing with him. Kanyon is more comedic. It won't be long til we see what personality the baby will be :) It's amazing how babies from the same mom and dad can be sooooo different!

I'm going to challenge myself to see a little humor in EVERY situation for one whole week. Often I fail to do that, especially when I feel I've lost ALL control of my household AND having a bad day. With 3 boys (4 if you count Dad), that's easy to do. By next Wednesday, I'll let you know if laughing in the midst of chaos comes any more naturally to me than it does now.....

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