Monday, June 22, 2009

all about the babe

Well, I got in the cloth diapers I ordered on ebay and I must say, they are REALLY soft! I also ordered and got in a trial bag of soap nuts to wash them in. So today I got them washed and hung them out to dry and tonight, we're trying out the dipes!! I ordered one-size pocket diapers and once I figured out how to size them, I really liked how they fit. A little bulkier than disposables, but still comfy feeling. I'm going to use them tomorrow until I've used all the ones I have and make a decision about whether or not I like the brand and style. They're super cute with the colors I got them in. My fave is the orange! I'll let you know what I think tomorrow! I definitely want to build up my collection because we plan on having more kiddos and I don't want a chunk of our money spent on diapers each week for the next several years! Also, Daddy thinks they look cool, but is still skeptical on changing a dirty diaper using the cloth.

Also, my little dude is SOOO trying to ROLLOVER!! 3 1/2 months old and he's already trying to be active! He loves to stand up on his chubby little legs too. AND he realized he had HANDS a couple of days ago! Yep, he just stares at his dimply fist when he gets it in front of his face! It is the cutest thing I have EVER seen!!! They grow way too fast! I'm trying REAL hard to just soak it all up. I don't wanna have a blank memory of these days with the babe.

And, his big brothers think he is the FUNNIEST thing they have ever seen!!! For whatever reason, if Jonyn is playing on his tummy, the boys will sit in front of him and just crack up. It. is. HILARIOUS!!! Not sure why they think it's funny, but they just belly laugh!!!

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