Tuesday, June 23, 2009

oh the pain...

So, I went to the doctor about the intense pain I was having in my stomach under my bust line. What she said was it could be several things. The first 3 can be fixed with Prevacid. They are a Hiatal Hernia, erosion in my esophagus (the least likely), or stomach ulcers!! She said I have to take Prevacid for a little over a month and see if another attack happens. If not, then HURRAY I'm cured!! The Prevacid worked! If it does come back, we will have to run more tests and the problem is likely the 4th option--my gall bladder. So we will see if I have anymore attacks in the next two months and go from there! Thanks to everyone who said a little prayer for me. You don't know how much I appreciate it!

just wanted to let you know :)


  1. I hope it works for you!! I hate to hear when you're in pain...ouch!! Let us know how it goes...oh and let me know how those diapers work for you too! I love you tons!

  2. Hey Brooke! Oh girl...this sounds like the exact thing I had. It happened right about 2 mths after Milee came and it was AWFUL!! The worst attack (that sent me to the ER) was like a heart attack. I really thought that is what was going on. Turns out--it was my gall bladder. I ended up having to take it out in June. Funny thing--they told me all the same things you have been told and put me on the same medication. If you have the pain again...ask for a ultrasound to check for gallstones. I don't want to bear the bad news but it really sounds like the same thing. I'm so sorry--I know the pain. Let me know how things play out!

    BTW...did I ever tell you that I ended up on thyroid medicine? Remember how we kept talking about that when I was having trouble getting pregnant with Rylan. A doctor finally put me on meds after my tsh came back at over 100.

    Hope you are well!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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