Friday, June 12, 2009

the WEE one

Three months ago today, my sweet baby Jonyn was born... Oh how time has flown! He is such a happy little guy and such a HUGE blessing to our family!! I'm thankful God allowed us to keep him once we found out he was in the oven! The story with this one is.... we tried for about 3 years to have him. We miscarried two years in a row almost to the day. In Feb. of last year, we thought I was pregnant again, and after several positive and negative home tests, a blood test confirmed that we were NOT expecting. So a few months later we decided to wait another year before trying again. A couple of weeks after that discussion, we found out we were already pregnant for the 5th time with our 3rd child! It was a scary time, not knowing what to expect. But at 10 weeks, we had an ultrasound to see how the baby was doing, and sure enough, he had a strong heartbeat and was growing great! It was such a huge relief. Lots of prayer surrounded this little peanut!Now he is a chunky little thing that fills my days with lots of loves and smiles!! My baby loves to smile! He loves to coo and squeal, to be talked to, to sleep on his tummy, to sleep skin to skin, to fall asleep after eating and stay in our bed. He loves to be rocked to sleep as much as I love rocking him to sleep. Most nights he goes right to bed only crying a few minutes before passing out. He sleeps sooo much, all through the night, and takes awesome naps. He likes the swing and the bouncy. I love his fuzzy hair, his many leg rolls, and his round little belly. I love the dimples on his bum as much as I love his soft, soft back. He loves to push with his feet and stand up on our laps. His chubby legs are so strong! He can hold his head up, but it still bobbles around a bit. I adore that! I love letting him nurse til his tummy is overflowing! He spits up often! He's never had formula, probably won't have solids til he's 6mths. I look forward to trying my hand at making baby food for him! He loves to look at his brothers. His brothers love him to pieces!! He loves his pacifier when he's oh so sleepy. I'm currently debating on whether or not to go ahead and move him to his crib since he sleeps so well (unlike how his big bros did). I truly can't wait to see what his personality is going to be like! He's really just the best baby!! heart is overflowing today... Because my attitude here at home is changing, I feel the boys are responding to me so much better. Today has actually been a REALLY good day for us. My kiddos have just been so good!! Thanks only to my Father in heaven for slowly but surely changing my heart and my life's attitude!! I love it when the Lord gives us days like this... they sometimes seem so few and far between...

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