Thursday, June 4, 2009

it's the the last day....

...the last day of my sanity that is!!! I've had it pretty good these past nearly 3 months! The baby and me have been getting along REALLY well!! I love on him, he smiles and coos at me, we both end up happy :) And today happens to be the very last day of just the two of us. It's been so amazing getting to know my little guy without so many distractions and chaotic moments. Well, at one o'clock today all that will change as it is the last day of SCHOOL!! It will be me and ALL THREE of my little monkeys here at the house all day everyday... I must say, I'm a little nervous. I love my boys sooo much, but they can be a little.... how do I say it... OUT OF CONTROL, DIFFICULT, ROTTEN?!?!?!?! It seems like everyday after school, they feel like they NEED to fight or argue or meltdown or throw a tantrum about something. I quickly realized that playing outside after school squashed that. They are angels when they get to run around like apes unattended outside! (I have a HUGE window in my dining room that faces the entire back really they're not unattended! and I have eyes in the back of my head. really. i do. ask them.) So everyday they get to be boys and play in the grass and dirt and everything else in the back yard. Lately they dig up worms and roly polies.... and yesterday Kanyon got really upset when he thought Taylan killed a worm. He's my sensitive boy, and I treasure that about him! Also, Taylan thinks its great to pick up ANTS now... doesn't he know they bite or sting or whatever it is they do!!! I just know it's not pleasant! I stepped on an ant hill a few weeks ago and it was awful! I was a big baby about it. Those things bother and itch for DAYS!!!!!

Anyhow, here's what we did for the end of the school year stuff! Our elementary school doesn't do Kindergarten graduations anymore. Instead they put the kiddos in a cap and gown and take a school picture of them, get you to order one of your child, and (for parents like me who've never done this before) trick you into thinking your going to a graduation for them! Not so. I was really disappointed as were a lot of other parents in Taylan's class. But it's okay! One of the parents generously threw an end of the year party for his whole class and that was a lot of fun... They had two bounce houses, pizza, hot dogs, and cupcakes! i love this one :) these aren't all his classmates, just the ones that were there! And did you know there's a difference between PRE-SCHOOL and PRE-K ?? I did not know that til this year! I know. you're thinking really?? how could you not?? well, I didn't. Anyhow, at Kanyon's pre-school, he was in pre-school until earlier this year. They teach both there and had tons of pre-school kids and not too many pre-k, so they moved some of the kids up and Kanyon was one of them. Today, the two pre-k classes had a little 'graduation' of sorts. They had cute little caps that they made, and little diplomas the teacher made forthem. His said WELCOME TO PRE-K. They shook the teacher's had, got their diplomas, and did a little walk. It was so sweet. And with all the parents there, Kanyon was shy as usual!!So what are we going to do this summer?? Well, we signed up the whole family at the YMCA. It really doesn't cost us that much. For us, it's the same amount as ONE person signing up at a regular gym. They have a pool, a gym, workout equipment, raquet ball courts, karate, and other sports. Well, we missed the deadline for basketball and are choosing NOT to do baseball because it is just takes up way more time than we are willing to sacrifice as a family. However, we did get the boys into karate!! *yay!* Tuesday was their first lesson and Taylan did awesome!! Kanyon was a little shy and quit after about 10 minutes. So tonight is the second lesson and we are going to step out of the room and watch from a window so that maybe Kanyon will stay in it for the whole 30 minute lesson! I think this will be good for both of the boys!! And we plan on taking them swimming a lot this summer and getting a zoo pass and going there a lot too! And starting Monday, Taylan will have swim lessons for two weeks, then Kanyon the next two weeks. Taylan informed me walking home from school the other day that he wanted to swim "without anything" all by himself, so that he "don't drown".

My kids are so much better when they are active and have something to do. I plan on keeping them busy this summer! Let's just hope my plan works!!

And here's a few funny faces to put a smile on your face and hopefully make you gigg
le out loud today!! Be encouraged today moms...the world wouldn't go 'round without you!!! and let another mom know just how awesome she is!!

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