Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So my mom took a few awesome pictures of me and Toby when she was here last week. They turned out really really great. See?We look great together, my hair looks good, my skin looks good, my husband is hot....

Then you look again and see our CRAZY eyes!!!! I mean really - - what is that? They look a little freaky deaky-right?? I BARELY touched them up, I mean barely. They just photographed like that. They're reflecting the blue sky and the sunny grass and lookin' a L I T T L E scarey!!


I made it black and white..... and it's a little better, although our eyes still have a tad bit of crazy in them :)

Even with weirdo eyes, I still love this picture!!

That's it. that's all. just wanted to share the crazy eyes with you!!


  1. LOL!! I gotta admit the eyes are the first thing I noticed when the page loaded. It is a great picture, but I agree with you, there's something strange about your guys' eyes.

  2. K...never noticed crazy eyes and still don't see them...maybe it's my computer...or maybe you're just seeing things!! :o) It's a great picture and're pretty much breathe taking!! And two look amazing together. I've said this before but I love seeing pictures of you two together...don't see many. And you're mom is awesome!!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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