Monday, July 13, 2009

the unexpected...

Well, all last week, we had my family in town and it was so great. We were able to get together for a few pictures, cooked together every night, went shopping one day, took the boys to see Ice Age 3, I made homemade pancakes for everyone (I will never go back to the box again-they were so easy and yummy). It was such an awesome week!

I also made a Boston Creme Pie... it was divine!! So delicious, but definitely something I will only make as a special treat because I'm pretty sure I could eat the whole thing by myself it was so good.

And I made my cloth baby wipes. I just took some old receiving blankets that I've had since Taylan was born and cut them into strips and sewed around the edges. I find it so much easier to use the cloth wipes with the cloth diapers. I love it.

I also got to talk to my boys when they got to Nana's house in Oklahoma. Kanyon was already saying he missed us. (But I think that's because I said I was going to miss them so much before they left). Of course they are having so much fun with Toby's side of the family because there are lots of cousins there. and a pool. and a trampoline. and lots of snacks. and they are going putt putt today.

The unexpected part???

Jonyn had a lizard in bed with him last night.... oh yes. it was interesting. We went to our room where his little pack-n-play is and where he still sleeps (because it makes me sad to think about putting him in his crib in the OTHER ROOM already even though he sleeps alllll night), and I look in to check on him and a little bitty spotted orange lizard is running beside him across his bed!! I jumped because I didn't expect to see THAT! Toby tried to catch him but he was too fast. So...... after Jonyn ate a little more (since we woke him up), I hesitantly put him in his crib in the boys room where he slept quietly allllll night long. No way was I going to lay him back down with a tiny lizard.

Also.... Jonyn turned FOUR months old yesterday. how do you convince babies to stay tiny??? any ideas?

Happy Monday :)

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