Tuesday, August 11, 2009

almost there...

It.is.ALMOST.time for school to start back up. This morning I went to see if we qualified for Kanyon to go to public pre-k this year because on ONE income, private pre-k was BARELY, I mean barely gonna fit into our budget. So thankfully, he got in (so far. If there are more qualified kids than him that register, we'll be put on a waiting list). Anyhow, I'm so very thankful for this! He's not too excited about going to a new school this year, but I think he'll do okay.

It's getting to the point at our house right now that the boys are at each other ALL.THE.TIME!! It's making me a little batty.a little crazy.a LOT frustrated. I really try not to get too frazzled, but it's hard. very hard. I'm ready for the first day of school. I'm ready to load up the van, and drop them off in their classroom. I'm ready for a whole day of a quiet house. Jonyn makes noises, but they are usually happy happy sounds. I'm so thankful for that too! He's a very good baby. And sometimes, it's hard to just be in a quiet bonding moment with him when the older two are screaming at each other, upper cutting each other, giving each other bloody lips, punching each other in the arm-the back-the leg, pushing, throwing things, taking things away from each other, bossing each other....... man. that wears me out just THINKING about it. I try really hard to have some quality time with the big boys, but these last few weeks of summer are hard!! Trying to keep them entertained is hard especially because I barely let them watch movies or tv. Video game time is VERY limited. And they just get tired of being outside occasionally. I love them so much, but I will be thrilled when the first day of school arrives!!!

For those who homeschool...more power to you!!! I envy the patience you have to do that. I wish I could, but God certainly did not design my dna to do such things!!!! I know it's gotta be tough for you sometimes, but if I were homeschooling, I'm pretty sure my babes would know NOTHING!!!! ;) So hurray for supermom homeschoolers!! You're completely awesome!!! I adore you.

**Also, the sweet lady helping me register today called Kanyon-- kanYAWN... it was a little funny;) but she was incredibly sweet and helpful and she was a blessing for being so kind when SOOOO many parents were there. I love sweet people...

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