Thursday, August 6, 2009

the dental check up

So I took my big boys in for a teeth cleaning and to make sure everything is good in their mouth.

Well, it's not. My kids brush their teeth everyday. They even use mouthwash every day. EVERYDAY they do this. But what we don't do, is make them floss. I just wouldn't have thought to make a 6 and 4 year old floss. I mean, I just didn't realize it was necessary so young.

Now I know that because my babies have cavities between their back teeth due to lack of flossing. SIX for Kanyon, TWO for Taylan. Yep. That's right. As soon as she said that, I immediately felt like an incompetent, clueless mom. I had no idea it was so bad. Why am I telling the world how bad my kids mouths are and how bad I feel about it?? I dunno. But I'm tellin' ya.

The girl actually said to me: "Since his (Kanyon's) teeth are so bad, we're going to put caps on them." Then said: "I didn't mean to make it sound so bad."

Oh man, I felt terrible. My sweet beautiful baby boys have to be gassed so the dentist can put one cap in Taylan's mouth, and THREE in Kanyon's. I mean... caps... silver caps.

At least they're all in the back of their mouths. Kanyon's actually require two separate visits because it's "so bad".

All I know is that I've only had ONE cavity, and I was 22 when I got it. I feel for them. They might just have got Toby's bad teeth. I'm praying they have better adult teeth.

Speaking of... I keep wondering when Taylan is going to lose his first tooth.


  1. You're not a bad mom...not even close. Please don't be so hard on yourself. You're one of the best moms I know. But thank you for sharing because I also don't make my girls floss not even sure they could if I did make them. But because of your story I'm gonna start trying...heck...I don't even floss my own teeth!! only for the first two weeks after I get them cleaned every six months...after that...nada!! Don't be so hard on could be genetics and these are only baby teeth...they're all gonna fall out anyway!! :o) Keep your head up mommy. You're spectacular!!

  2. Brooke...Kaden's teeth are the same. He has 2 caps himself. I, like you felt awful when they told me that though. I just knew the lady was thinking "gosh, this lady must never brush her childs teeth". Really I do!


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