Thursday, August 27, 2009

dripping wet...

So tonight I took the boys to karate and while we were there, it apparently started raining pretty good. Well, one of the other moms comes walking in saying quite dramatically that there's a tornado and it's BAD out there.... because the dust is swirling around pretty good. That's what she said anyhow; I didn't check it out for myself. Well, I'm not a panicker (that's not really a word) so I didn't stress about it too much. By the time karate was over, I went into the foyer where people were standing around and seriously it was raining SIDEWAYS the wind was blowing so hard. It was truly coming down! Some other moms were waiting for it to let up and gave me funny looks when I covered Jonyn's head with his tiny blanket. But I told the boys to stay right behind me because we're goin!!! Follow me and keep up!!! I just wasn't going to wait forever for it to let up. That's not me. So we walked out in the sideways rain. Jonyn started fussing half way to the car and by the time we got there, Kanyon was crying because he was scared. I tossed (well not literally) Jonyn in the front seat, hefted Taylan and Kanyon into the back, grabbed Jo and laid him in the other front seat, then climbed in myself, crawled into the back, and got Jo buckled. I was SOAKING.WET. But only my front side. The back of me was dry! Also, that rain was FREEZING. And that combined with the wind took my breath away.literally. It was GREAT... my children and I were dripping.wet.

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