Monday, August 3, 2009

five a.m.

Last night was not an easy night. Lately I haven't been sleeping well, and last night was the worst night so far. It was terrible. I woke up often. And after I had been awake for what seemed like forever, two little boys crept into our room trying to sneak into our bed. We told them to go potty and go back to bed. A few minutes later, the babe decides he needs to wake up too. He thought it was time for breakfast. (It was earlier than usual for him).

How is it that all THREE of my boys were awake at the same time at five am???

After getting the babe latched on, and passing out hugs, and getting the boys back into their own beds, Taylan gets back up and says his tummy is sick and he is going to throw up... oh boy.... I have him go to our bathroom, so I can keep an eye on him while I nurse. He sits there for 30 minutes. I keep asking if he's okay. Finally, after nothing is happening, he makes his way back to his bed. Hurray he feels better. So I thought. About five minutes later, he's hovering over the toilet again. Just sitting there again. 30 minutes later, he goes back to his room again. Then he starts to come back to hover some more, when uh-oh, he doesn't make it. It's all over the hallway floor... Kanyon's sitting up and watching from his bed. Baby had just barely fallen back to sleep. So I clean it and him up, ask if his tummy feels better, and he says YEAH in a very chipper voice and goes to bed and falls right back to sleep.

By now it's about 6:20, I lay down for a little more sleep, when Toby's phone alarm starts going off 20 minutes later. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?! I nudge him and he goes and shuts it off. I doze back off, and the alarm is buzzing in my ear that it is 7am. Time to get up and get the boys ready for the dentist--more on that story later.

Ugh... what a night.

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  1. You poor, poor thing!! Maybe tonight will be better!! Love you!!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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