Thursday, August 13, 2009

it's early....

...very early. 4:15 am early. too early early. and I've been awake since before 3am. I did go to bed. It was around 11pm when I fell completely asleep. Most who know much about me know that I am absolutely NOT a morning person. Just ask the people I used to work with, ask my family. It's true that I really really DON'T ENJOY waking up early. It even takes me awhile to get into a good mood in the a.m. usually. But before the boys left for Oklahoma, I was doing awesome at getting up just as the sun was coming up while everyone else in my house was snoozing away. It was great having such a long day. It never got away from me and spending that time with the Lord before my day got started was a huge blessing and much needed. While they were gone, I got into the habit of staying up super late with Toby and getting up later in the mornings. Even after the boys came home, I was still in this habit. This week, I decided to make a conscious effort to rise early and have my quiet time. Yesterday, I accomplished this, but fell back asleep on the couch before the boys got up. So I prayed and asked God to make sure I'm up...get me up early... don't let me hit snooze. And then, at 3am, I am up. Wide awake in my bed. fidgeting. not being able to conk back out. thinking about tons of things. He really made sure I was up. really. but that's okay. I've been beating myself up and feeling really guilty because I've been too lazy to get my lazy bum outta bed early. It even seems to make me cranky during the day because I'm frustrated that I look at the clock and OH MAN IT'S ALREADY NOON!!!! I'm sure I'll crash tonight after VBS (or as my boys call it ebs *wink*). I hope so. SEVERAL people have been telling me lately that I look exhausted. which I feel it. my whole body, my mind, my spirit feels it. I've been incredibly busy with appointments and school stuff and photog stuff and trying to cram it all into my August To-Do List is tuff stuff. But I'm making it. I am making it.

Today is going to be a day of accomplishment in my house. I am determined for it to be. It's also the last day of VBS and I'm grateful for that.

I am cleaning. EVERYTHING! Taylan declared last night that he wants to tackle my bedroom and dust it for me **hurray**

Taylan is sitting down and writing out his numbers 1 to 100.

Taylan and Kanyon are going over their memory verses from VBS again and again. I love that Taylan has a few of them memorized!!

Doggies are getting a bath...woo hoo!!

And I'm going to edit some photos if time is on my side today and there's a little left over before we head to the church. is awake right now. time for an early breakfast....

lots of love and have a happy thursday....

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  1. I'm up early too. Almost 4am here. Mine is for no good reason. Guess I'll spend my early time with the Lord. Thanks for the reminder.
    :) Love and hugs


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