Friday, September 11, 2009

baby food, school, & a dime

Jonyn will be six months tomorrow........... oh my gosh, I just realized it was tomorrow... I was still thinking it was next week!!!! Wow... that tells you how with it I am. He has decided to wake up at night now, sometimes more than once, so I'm not getting as much sleep so I've been kind of out of it so I've been kind of cranky so I've not been paying attention. Anyhow, what I was actually going to tell you about was starting Jonyn on solids this week. He's taken to them well! He likes carrots, homemade or from the jar. And he likes bananas homemade! We had those this morning. It's definitely increased his dirty diapers, so cloth diapering is a bit different now that I have to clean them off a bit over the toilet before putting them in my wet bag (with nursing, I could just throw the dirty ones straight into the bag w/out rinsing).  It's still not a hassle and I haven't had to buy ANY diapers since getting my cloths. I have only had to get more inserts to prevent the leaks we've been having. He soaks his dipes (disposable & cloth) at night...SOAKS!!! But the inserts were not a big expense. (I love ebay!!!)

We also gave him a sippy cup yesterday for the first time with a tiny bit of apple juice diluted with lots of water. He did better than either of the other boys. He had no trouble drinking from it. I had to give him juice because he actually hadn't gone number 2 in a day and I was concerned his tummy hurt. It didn't feel normal since he was having more dirties after starting food. It worked too, he was all better this morning! But anyways, he did good drinking from a cup. He seemed to enjoy it. And he was able to hold the handles pretty good and bring the sippy straight to his mouth. He was messy though.

AND we (meaning Kanyon)  haven't gotten in to public preschool yet, so we started him back at the preschool he was in last year and then realized it was going to cost us too much. After weighing our options: keeping him in school, keeping him home, going to part-time school, we decided to do part time care. It's Tuesdays' and Thursdays at the same school. I pick him up after I walk over and get Taylan from school. I want him to go full time because it would be good for him since he's so shy and gets nervous in social settings, BUT we can't afford that so part time will do. But he seems to be okay with it. However, on Wednesday, the first day home with Jonyn and me, he started asking when we going to get Taylan at NINE O'CLOCK that morning. I immediately showed him what 3:00 looks like :) so he wouldn't ask a million times! And he didn't, but he would check the clock occaisonally.

AND yesterday, a girl at school gave Taylan a dime! Just because she wanted to! It was cute and sweet and he was excited about it! At his school they have snack carts with everything from pickles to ice cream to bottled water. He tried to buy ice cream with his dime, but he didn't have enough. He was bummed about that yesterday so I sent him with a few extra coins today as a special treat.

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