Wednesday, September 2, 2009

rock me to sleep

I love to sit in our rocking chair and rock our baby to sleep. I personally don't believe you can spoil babies and my babe really doesn't like to fall asleep by himself. He was okay with it for a little while, but now, he goes to sleep in my arms some way or another. I adore it. This moment in time won't last forever.

I love to rock him. Love.It. He loves to have a blankie against his face, a pacifier in his mouth, mommy's shushing in his ear, and the shared eye contact. He also loves to explore my face with his pudgy little hand as he's falling asleep. That's the best part...his soft little hand on my face and over my mouth so I can kiss it. I love it all as much as he does. He's my little guy. I love how he gazes up at me while we're rocking, like that minute is the only one that matters. In those moments, he's not worried about looking around to see what's going on or where the weird noise is coming from. He's not focused on seeing what he can put in his mouth or trying to grab his toes. He only wants to look up at me and when he does, my world slows for just a moment because I can see in my baby's eyes how much he adores his Momma. And I hope I can portray the same thing to him by looking back. I hope he knows how much I adore him, how much I love him.

And just like I rocked his big brothers to sleep, I rock him til he is completely relaxed and overcome with a deep sleep. I also love that the older boys had the exact same look about them as Jonyn does when they would get sleepy. It's precious. I always love my babies sleepy faces. I love my guys, and I hope they know it.

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I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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