Tuesday, September 8, 2009

they're NOT just for girls

...boys can rock them out too, ya know!
They're adorable, cute, stretchy, fun, precious, stripey, practical, so sweet, and pretty much PERFECT!
What are they??
Little baby leg warmers!
Not just for girls as you can see. My boy loves them. And so does his momma...

boys can DEFINITELY wear them...
are you in love yet??
...because I was the minute I saw them on Etsy!
I went in search of some blue stripey leg warmers...
and also found these AWEsome green stripey and white ones...
love, love, LOVE:
and they're quite practical too...for many reasons.... like crawling on tile floor (tho he's NOT doing that yet), and keeping little legs warm (duh), and in general looking super cute!!
do you love 'em??
I bought them from 2by2 Boutique on Etsy and I am super pleased with them!! They fit Jonyn great and actually stay up on his chubby widdle wegs!  *ahem, pardon the baby talk*
ps... if you've never checked out Etsy.com for fun and handmade items for you or your kiddos (or for gift giving), you totally should! And if you love to make things by hand, you can also sell your stuff there. It's way groovy!

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