Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Boy

My second boy turned FIVE today! (I refuse to call him the middle child ;) ) Yes I said FIVE. I, for one, can NOT believe it's been five years since I gave birth to him without meds. I'm not sure how you feel about the situation, but I am certain that time keeps speeding up with each birthday we pass. And can I just say that lately he has been a little pill?
See this face... it's the 'I don't wanna do it' face. We get that a lot around here...

After I started talking about Chuck E. Cheese's and all that we were going to do there, well, he changed his attitude quite quickly! That's a real smile PEOPLE!

My camera battery quit on me in the middle of this little shoot so I'll be forcing him to sit in front of the camera AGAIN tomorrow. But if you wanna see what I did get, go HERE.

We had a mostly good well behaved day today and I can say that because for most of the day he was out and about with Daddy :) (He's really been acting out lately). Daddy took him to lunch and he loved that. I stayed home with babe and tried to do a little picking up...didn't get very far.

So after my friend picked up her little cutie pie we watched for a few hours (seriously friend, I LOVE that little girl, she's SO good!) from our house, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's and had a blast! We brought our neighbors boy along; he's the same age as the boys. They all loved it! And I love that place cuz there's at least some type of security! Then we went to church. That's it! We came home, brushed teeth and went to bed!

WHAT?!?! No cake and ice cream?

Well, my stinky FIVE year old is sweet! We asked him if he wanted to wait until the weekend to have cake since my mom and nanny are coming down and he said YES so he could share it with them! So sweet right? I really thought a fit was coming after we asked. I looked for it, watched and waited, and then...nothing! A sweet response! It was... it was... I have no words for how great it was :) I love that kid!

Happy Birthday my big boy! Happy Birthday....

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