Saturday, October 3, 2009


Today is different. I'm feeling motivated...I'm feeling good! And it's about stinkin' time. Finally I feel like I could accomplish some things. I've been pretty stressed for a bit now.... for one, I haven't been sleeping well because the baby has been waking up SEVERAL times a night. Yes he was sleeping ten or twelve hours straight - not real sure why he's waking up again, but he is. Also my house is probably the messiest I've ever seen it!! It's truly AWFUL!! And I really want to open my curtains, but with my neighbors door literally right next to mine and since we share a backyard, I'm embarrassed to open any curtains to let the light in. THAT is how bad it is people!!! But today, I'm feeling GOOD and I am going to tackle THIS HOUSE!!! Usually I NEVER clean on the weekends, those are reserved for family time, but today family time is cleaning the house together. I'm pretty sure the boys have taken everysingleone of thier toys out of the buckets and boxes and tubs and put them in the floor, so the toyroom is ALLLLL thiers! I have been yelling A LOT lately at the boys too. There has been an unreal amount of bickering between the two of them lately. BUT today is the day I remember that I decided I wanted to be a more relaxed parent. And today I start letting go of the little things that bug and remember to choose my battles.  *sigh*  I feel good. I'm not totally sure why.... maybe it's because I had just a few hours without little people at my feet and on my hip last night.

Have a great Saturday people!!!! I'm off to multitask and create some sort of order to this place we call home...

oh oh oh!!! Jonyn is ALMOST crawling!!!!!!!! AND if when I get things done, I have some pictures I want to put up...hurray! Be blessed today!

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