Friday, October 30, 2009

Financial Peacin' It

A couple of years ago we took the Financial Peace University class with our church. Learned tons of stuff there. A little learning overload actually because there was so much to try and take in.... but anyhow... We've kinda been NOT Peacin' it for quite a while now and have been overspending here and there. I'd do good for about two weeks on keeping us straight, then BAM!! a craving would strike. dern cravings *sigh*. So this week, we've started it up again. I even splurged a little on their super awesome wallets with the built in envelopes to help keep me on track. I love it :)

I went to the store this morning with $50 for food and $10 (all cash like a good girl) for some personal things like toothpaste and razor blades. The total came to $72something. I thought EEK! even with my coupons I might have gone over! Then she started scanning away... and BOOM! my total went to $59.29 after my coupons. dang, I'm good.... ;) is definitely my friend! (so are Sunday paper coupons). Toby needed new razor blades for his razor and they are like 8 or 10 dollars. way too much for us to spend on one item right now.  Well as I was browsing the website for coupons I might need, I saw one for $3 off a mens razor w/trimmer and 5 blades! BINGO! When I got to the store, that razor was $5.88. Holy cow, I got it for $2.88. Oh blessed coupons how you make my life better.

*insert pause so baby can latch on**

back to the Financial Peace thing... I forgot how much I love it when I come under budget by CENTS!! It totally makes my day:)

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