Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday's Top Ten

TEN things I know FOR SURE:
(in random order)

1. My babies are growing ENTIRELY too fast! that's him standing:

2. There's fixin' to be WAY too much candy in my house and so much of it will be tossed!

3. Stuffy babies that can't breath=a sad heart for mommy.

4. I need a daughter.NOW.

5. Winter is sooo close and I'm soooo excited about it.

6. My boys are definitely monkeys. see that one in the back:

                                                                         *more about what they're making soon...

7. In some ways my oldest boy is so much like me :) a big comfy chair and a good book is all you need!

                  *yes, those are glasses and I'll show 'em to ya soon!

8. I simply could not live without my husband.or chocolate.or fresca.or my boys.or valentine's day.or pens scattered about my house.

9. Every single time I mop my floors, it rains the next day without fault.

10. Office supply stores are the best things EVER!!!

11. I have work to do, then I'll be back to post some stuff about my boys. I feel like I've been neglecting these thoughts in my head that demand to be blogged about.  LOVES!!

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