Monday, October 5, 2009


Here's my new Hotsling! I LOVE it! I really do. I found mine on Ebay (which I also really love).  Kanyon took a few photos of me and the babe, but most of them were way out of focus or focused on the background so I tried to get a few front shots easy task with a big camera! Anyhow, if you ever see me out in town or at church, my little dude is usually attached to me by way of sling. It's easier for me and he's way happier being next to me. Normally I carry him in the front carry and sometimes I use the hip carry depending on what I'm doing. Like when I put on my make-up, it's a hip carry so I can lean closer to the mirror. It's the front carry when I grocery shop so I can easily push the basket. At home is when I usually carry him on my back. There are times when he wants to be held (aka he's sleepy) and I have something I'm trying to get accomplished and for that I will put him on my back. This is especially great when I'm in the middle of making dinner or cleaning. It makes him instantly calm and I can finish my task.
The Hotslings are sized, so mine is a PERFECT fit. I would say their sizing charts are VERY accurate. I really don't worry about him falling out. It's very secure and very comfy. It's a one piece sling so nothing ever has to be adjusted. And for his age/size I always grab this instead of my ring sling (which I loved when he was tiny).  You can see in the first picture that he's pretty content. He usually just lays his head on my back when he's being carried like that. In the next one, you can see that he has his arms outside of the sling in front. When he's tired, I put both his arms inside and pull the sling up his back further and have him lay his head close to my shoulder. This way he falls asleep quickly. And it works every time as long as there's a pacifier involved :)
There are many other brands of slings I would love to have and try, but finances won't allow me to go sling crazy like I want :( But it's actually okay because I ADORE the two I have!
I should also mention one other thing... I am NOT a paranoid parent. Ask anyone who knows me. I don't sweat the small stuff and I don't worry a lot. I mean, all my kids slept on the bellies with blankets.... I'm just not paranoid. I will tell you my one fear about having babies, and that is that someone will steal them. Laugh if you must, but it is TRUE people!!! Remember when that happened a few years ago here in Abilene at Wal-Mart? I do. And I won't forget anytime soon! When you're out shopping, do you ever go a few steps past what you need and then turn around to grab it? I've done it before and I scared myself when I did it. When my babies are in their carseats on top of the basket, I usually keep one hand on their legs at all times unless I'm pushing it because I'm afraid someone will snatch my helpless baby. Irrational?? Not to me :) All that to say this: I love having him in the sling while shopping because it eliminates my fear of baby snatching!
The End.

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