Monday, October 12, 2009


So it's true that I have been feeling way over stressed lately... and a little crazy. I feel like my boys are making me a little nuts-o and I can't catch up on housework. Not to mention I've been drowning in business work I was behind on. That's how I've felt the last several weeks.

My family came down and spent Friday, Saturday, and a little of Sunday with us and I can NOT tell you how refreshed I feel having a little extra help with the boys and housework! It's like I had a mini vacation right here at home. It was a much needed 'break', even though I didn't go anywhere and neither did the boys. They were constantly entertained by someone this weekend and it was great. I love my kiddos, but they can wear a momma thin! They had a blast with my mom's boyfriend! He loves kids and took them to the playground a few times and just played with them  until they were worn out! It was nice to not hear MOMMA a thousand times over this weekend! They were too distracted by all the other people here :)

Also, there's nothing like having weekend company to MAKE you get your house in order! Seriously, ALL my rooms are pretty clean now, even our 'junk' room (does everyone have one of those? ya know, one where the odd stuff gets tossed?)! The floors still need a good cleaning, but it rained all weekend and really, I don't mop when mud is going to be tracked in by someone or the dogs five minutes later. And it was lovely when my mom swept the floors and did a little laundry for me and her boyfriend did our dishes for us. I mean how great is he?

And to top it all off, my business work is caught up and delivered! HURRAY! I love that!

I feel so refreshed people! I can NOT even believe how refreshed I feel! It's like someone slipped some happy pills into my chocolate milk! Maybe all these feel good feelings will help me get back on track. I've been slipping when it comes  to getting  up early and having quiet time! Partly from staying up a little too late, partly from having a baby that wants to wake up too much, and partly from feeling overwhelmed. Tonight I'm getting back on track. Setting my alarm for 6am and getting my rear outta bed! I'm making it happen. I've realized I need to be an example for my babes. I NEED to pray for them daily. I NEED to SHOW them how to make God our first priority. I NEED to teach them how be Christ-like. And it starts with me doing what I need to do. So I am making that decision to strive to be the mom my heart (and of course God) so desires to be. My goal for this next week: less yelling, more praying...

Also, my baby is so beautiful....

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