Sunday, October 18, 2009


it's Sunday morning, and I should be getting ready for church. Should be. But I was checking the nursery schedule to make sure today was the day I switched. I saw an email from my mom and often I will read those even if I only have a few seconds to spare. We're close and I always want to feel like we're communicating, so I read her emails as soon as I see them. She sent me one yesterday that I opened a few minutes ago that brought tears to my eyes! She was telling me how her boyfriend (who we met for the first time) enjoyed his visit with us last weekend and had a good time with us and the boys. He's great, by the way! Really great! Then she got to the part that just made me break out in tears right where I sat. My mom got SAVED on Wednesday! I'm still welling up. I have a feeling my eyes are gonna be WAY misty most of the day today! My mom got saved.... oh how I love those words. Praise our Lord and SAVIOR. He does such great things doesn't He? I knew He was stirring in her heart when she was here for their visit. I could almost feel it too. I'm on cloud nine right now, and I know she must be soaring this morning too as she goes to her first service as a saved child of God. tears. tears. they're everywhere! oh blessed happy tears! my heart swells...

my mom got saved...


  1. Oh Brooke, I'm crying happy tears for you and her right now!! God is so amazing. There are days I can't even comprehend his incredible love and devotion to us.

  2. That is SOOOOO fantastic!!!!

  3. AWESOMENESS!!! The only word I can use to describe it!! I love her...I love you!! That is just awesome!!

  4. Praise God!! He works in mysterious ways.


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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