Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Did you know that Wheat Bread and 100% Whole Wheat Bread are NOT the same? I didn't. I had no idea! I also read somewhere recently to read the label on bread and try to avoid the ones with high fructose corn syrup. So today while we were waiting on T's meds and getting a few groceries, I actually took my time and read the labels! I only found two breads that did not have the corn syrup that were 100% whole wheat. The first one I found was a little more costly than I liked, so I searched for another brand and found one.The brand is Oroweat. And it only cost cents above what I was paying for the bread I was getting. It even has the 100% whole grain stamp on it. So when I got home, we had sandwiches for lunch. We had a couple of slices of bread left from our other loaf and when I compared the new and old loaves side by side there was a definite color and texture difference. Even the flavor of the 100% was a little better, I think, anyway.

Why the interest in bread? Because after we get back from our Thanksgiving trip we are switching to a whole foods diet and tossing all of our processed and unhealthy foods in the trash (or giving it to the food bank). It's been on my mind greatly the past several months. I've been hesitant in bringing it up to Toby because I wasn't sure the support would be there. But he is all about it. Even after I told him he'd have to give up his beloved Dr. Pepper and Velveeta! I told him we could drink tea, so I think we're going to give green tea a shot! We both want to live long HEALTHY lives with our family. And we want to reduce the risks of disease that comes with unhealthy habits like eating fatty and high calorie foods. I'm making sure I do my research as anyone should before I dive in head first. And once we get started on it, I'm going to post our progress and recipes we all find tasty. I'm hoping to shed a few pounds by making my body healthy again, but we'll see. Cutting caffeine sure helped me lose some weight.

Also, if you've never tried the whole wheat buns for your hot dogs and burgers, they are DELICIOUS! I'm pretty sure you'll never go back to white buns again. :)


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  1. the whole wheat and sugar free buns at HEB are amazing I am not sure what brand they are though.


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