Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday's Top Ten

Ten reasons I wish I wasn't sick today:

1. I really really REALLY don't like headaches! (yay for Tylenol! made my headache MOSTLY go away).

2. My ears always hurt with fever... (but hey, Tylenol made that go away too).

3. I NEED to go to the store and do my weekly shopping, but probably won't go...

4. The world doesn't stop for sicklies... I still have 3 munchkins and a husband to take care of....

5. I have editing I NEED to do today. NEED to get it finished.

6. I wanna hop in the shower, but just don't have the energy.

7. This is the only blogpost I'll have today.... which is a bummer because I have some good stuff from the kids to share.

8. Did I mention the lack of energy?? I'm getting worn out just typing...

9. There are blogs I want to read today, but reading while sick = not GOOD!

10. I mean really, who LIKES being sick!! Now my headaches coming back so I will be back another day...

Okay, I'm done complaining....
Have a great weekend!

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