Friday, November 20, 2009

how could I forget?

We are the coolest family EVER!

I can not believe I forgot to tell you about our Halloween! Duh! I was just looking through some photos I uploaded a while back and didn't ever look at. That picture of us is similar to one we took last year. It's our new family tradition (started last year of course). We don't go out and trick or treat, we stay home and watch two movies. It's so fun. We also make pigs in a blanket and a sweet treat. This year it was rice crispy treats. We also let the boys dress up if they want as long as it doesn't cost us an arm and a leg. This year, I just bought a bunch of inexpensive fabric and tore it to shreds and wrapped both boys up like mummies. The baby wore hunting gear. It was a lot of fun. They looked adorable!

And by the way it was very important to stay in character! Before we got to our movies, the church had a trunk or treat we went to for a little bit. They mummy walked all the way over there. They're so fun!

Our friends KK and GG (who are like second parents to us) gave us this pumpkin that the boys helped them carve... It was super important that he be part of the family photos for the night :) Nice clutter in the background! Oh yeah, that's my real life!!! :)

Tay just wanted his picture taken with it. I love that kid. Gosh, he is so handsome :)

And Kanyon thought it necessary to try and mirror the face of the pumpkin.... goof ball :) Cracks me up everytime!

We had a blast! I love Halloween simply for the family time it promotes within our little family!

What movies did we watch this year? Race to Witch Mountain. Which is really good and totally not what I expected. We enjoyed it. AND Transformers 2. I have boys!! Of course we're going to watch a boy movie! But I really did like it. We actually fell asleep during it and finished it the next day!

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