Sunday, November 29, 2009

it finally happened.... part 3

I laugh right now because it seems like these things that have never happened to me are just flooding my life right now. Maybe it's just cause things tend to happen in threes. ?? I dunno. But it makes me chuckle :)

Oh by the way, we made it home. And yes even on the trip our luck ran in threes. So weird! First let me tell you the thing that finally happened. My kid puked all over my car today. Yep. Gross, I know...sorry about that. But I'm a mom and gross 'mom things' happen when I'm around :)

So let's recap: first, spit up in my face. Second, my camera drops to the ground. And third, my kid decides to chuck in my car. Oh so fun :) But I'm not sweatin' it. Stuff happens and you just get over it and have a laugh about it later as you post it to your blog! My kids will wanna know all about this stuff when they're grown... at least that's what I tell myself!!

The next story is about our trip home today. It was interesting and I had a good laugh about it IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS!! Everything that happened today happened in the span of about 20 minutes. First, we're just be bopping along and Toby suddenly and loudly says SUNUVA! (yes, that's all one word ;) ) I just thought he forgot something at my Mom's house. Nope. He's having a nosebleed. Gets it everywhere. That starts to clear up and we suddenly come up on really really congested traffic. Nearly at a standstill as far as you can see. (That's the second thing). So we take a detour. Third thing: Just after we exit onto our detour, Taylan says his tummy hurts. I ask if he needs to throw up. (Toby let him get m&m's as a snack when had stopped earlier. Not good). He says yes. So Toby grabs a grocery sack and hands it to him and we try and tell him not to miss. Hey, it worked on the last road trip we had. He didn't miss that time. Well, this time he did. Toby turns around in the seat and is trying to hold the bag for him and gets it on himself. All I could do was laugh. And by this point, it's all over the seat and the floor and Toby's computer. It's also all over Taylan. Thank the good Lord in Heaven, there was a picnic area just a teensy bit further down the road where we could pull over there. I - being the mom - got to clean the whole thing up. So thankful for baby wipes in that moment! We had to make Taylan change clothes in the freezing cold. I felt so bad for the boy. My baby can NOT EVER have chocolate again when we hit the road. It probably didn't help that the boys haven't had any candy since Halloween.

So here's to never posting anything titled "it finally happened" again!! maybe...

ps. we're having the car detailed on Monday *yesssss*

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