Monday, November 23, 2009

it finally happened...the sequel

Okay, it's not really the sequel, but those were the first words to come to mind when it did happen. And let me start by saying that I'm INCREDIBLY clumsy!!! I drop stuff constantly and sometimes as soon as I pick it up, I drop it again. For example, as I was getting off the phone at Wal Mart the other day, I dropped my cell phone. Eh, typical. That's just me. I drop stuff. Also, I have two sets of dishes and probably nearly half of each of them is broken. It just happens, I can't help it. To make it stop would be like taking away part of who I am!

Okay, not really. But seriously, there are things in life that I will inevitably drop... Thankfully I have yet to drop my kids... although I did push Kanyon straight out of a swing when he was little by swinging him too high and making him flip... oops. Maybe that's why he's so weird... Anyhow, dishes, cell phones, every pen I've ever touched, my thyroid pills, and earrings. Those are inevitable. It's like those things were meant to be dropped!

So what did I drop?? Well, it finally happened. After owning it for over THREE years, I dropped it... my precious camera.. *sigh* I knew it would happen someday. I knew it. I've been really somewhat careful with it. I even had my GOOD lens on it. I was gearing up for another I HEART FACES challenge ( I stink at those ) with the boys when I dropped it. After my large shock sounding gasp of air, I tried to use it and IT.WOULD.NOT.ZOOM.PROPERLY! What?!?!?! Oh great. Finally got it to snap a photo and wouldn't you know it, the picture was just a black mass of nothing.  Crap.  So then I put my kit lens on it and it worked perfectly fine. YESSSSS! The CAMERA still works. The crappy lens still works. Okay, lets retest the GOOD lens. *zoom* *CLICK* SCORE!!! IT WORKS!!!!

Whew, lots of Praise Jesus's were coming out of my mouth. I was so grateful for something so very meaningless in that one tiny moment. Really there is way more to life than my silly hobby. But what a stress reliever that silly hobby is. I should sing praises like that in my every single day life. In my every single moment life. In my every single breath I take life.... because He is worth infinitely more than my toys...

ps... Taylan was sleeping when we went out so I missed getting some fun photos of him. Also, check out my Flickr and photoblog to see more sunflare photos and to see which photo I entered into the contest.

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