Wednesday, November 18, 2009

oh man...

Yesterday, Taylan came home from school with a fever and some other ailments, so I called the doctor to see if I should bring him in or wait a few days. So I took him in this morning. Thankfully he doesn't have the flu, but his lungs sound gunky, so he is on an antibiotic to take care of that. Plus he was feeling so much better this morning . He looked better too. I was relieved. And I'm sure he was too.

The real problem today is that Jonyn is NOT a happy camper. He really wants to nurse. He won't take formula until he is extremely hungry. I feel for the little guy. I WANT to nurse him so badly. Twice in two days stinks!! I nurse him at bedtime only and I'm so scared that a) he's going to get thrush or b) I'll dry up, even though I'm pumping or BOTH! And it really stinks that all this milk is going straight down the drain until I'm off this stinkin' antibiotic :( My baby loves his momma's milk. My poor sweet baby.

All will be well soon, I just know it!

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