Friday, November 13, 2009


I had things planned to work out a certain way. I started my laundry way later than expected. I took J to the doc and turns out he has an ear infection. No complaints however. This is his first one and he's 8 months old. I didn't plan for the super busy pharmacy this morning, but made sure to be sweet to the cashier seeing as how she was swamped. It's when people have to stand in long lines that you realize how mean and rude others can be. I put myself in check immediately. I realized I didn't want to sound that way. So I just prayed, quietly, silently for patience and peace and joy. And really the line was okay. My life could be so much worse. Anyhow, what did happen just as planned is that this morning I got my split chicken breast in the slow cooker to be ready to go for Chicken Pot Pie tonight. So good, so easy, and we make ours with biscuits. That's what I call comfort food.

When dinner time rolled around, we were able to eat early like I had hoped. It was delicious. My laundry is still suffering, but when 5 people live in a house, I suppose that's just the way it should be. I'm putting the boys down a half hour early tonight to try and catch up on some more work stuff I'm doing. Plus I need to do our budget for this week. And Toby is in Dallas right now and it might actually be nice to have some time with NO ONE but me to bother me :) I really don't know what that's like. I guess we'll see...

Have a great weekend...

ps... I heard on Air1 this morning that on Friday the 13th it is bad luck to a) flip your mattress and b) plant potatoes.  So random, I know.

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