Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday's Top Ten

Ten things we did during Christmas:

1. Played in the snow! Woo! Tried to build a snowman, but the snow refused to cooperate.

2. Made snow ice cream. Yum.

3. Snapped lots of photos. naturally.

4. Drank wassail, and it was so good.

5. Played Monopoly Junior (K told his Nana we were playing buh-nock-a-lure).

6. Stayed home these last two days. LOVE that!

7. Kept the arguing to a minimum. That has been fantatstic!

8. Changed dirty dipes.... what's new....

9. Ate yummy turkey, stuffing, and potatoes with homemade cranberry sauce. *still full from that mess*

10. Loved each other, prayed, laughed together, and most important of all... remembered why we even celebrate this day.

Merry Christmas... God bless you abundantly...

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