Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday's Top Ten

Ten movies I've seen more than once... and probably more than twice...

1. Ever After. It's my favorite movie EVER! I've seen it soooo many times! Can even quote a lot of it.

2. Star Wars. It's my husband's favorite series EVER! We've seen it tooo many times :)

3. The Whole Nine Yards (and The Whole Ten Yards). If you haven't seen them, they're hilarious!

4. Underworld. All three of them. We like vampire flicks, what can I say?

5. Van Helsing.

6. Hellboy. (sheesh, apparently I dig movies made for boys....)

7. Spiderman. When you have all boys in your house, superhero movies are a must.

8. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I blame Toby for this one.

9. A Knight's Tale. LOVE this one! LOVE!

10. Eragon.

There's more too. These are only a few. We tend to buy movies once they hit that 5 or 7 dollar rack at Wally-World. Then watch them over and over again. It's just what you do when you don't have cable and all your favorite shows that come on the local channels that you get with an antenna are not 'in season' playing new episodes :) Did you get all that, it kinda seems like a mouth full after typing it :)

I'm gonna go throw myself a pity party now. You're not invited :)

Have a great weekend :)

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