Thursday, December 31, 2009

nine months and counting

Yep he's nearly 10mths now. My wee little one is growing so fast. Too fast. I feel like he should still be tiny! But he isn't. And it's funny, because I've always been of the mindset that you should EMBRACE your age and be okay with it! Well, I'm totally okay with my age and the fact that I've been married 9yrs and outta high school nearly 10. BUT I'm not okay with my boys' ages! They are getting older entirely too fast! Can anyone relate? Anyways. He IS nine months old, and someday I will stop denying that kids GET OLDER TOO. Someday! So my boy has two itty bitty teeth and they're so cute! Thankfully he doesn't bite when he nurses! I took him to a well baby this afternoon (cause I missed the original one this month. go mom) and he is 19lbs and 13oz and 30ins long. Right on track. He was so cute today. He just laid there quiet and still while the doctor listened to him. He stared at the doc the whole time with this cute little grin like he just met his best friend. It was adorable. Kanyon had his 5yr check up today too (long story behind why it's just getting done. boring story.) and he for some reason did not get his polio shot at the 4yr check and had to get it today. Whoa, that kid. You try to reason with him beforehand that it will only poke and hurt for half a second. And he's totally okay with pulling his pants down (to get stuck in the leg), climbing up on the table, and swinging his legs onto the table too. He's fine with that. It was when she picked up the needle that he started screaming NOOOO and crying atthetopofhislungs! We just almost couldn't hold him down! But we did and after all was said and done and I asked if it hurt, he looked up at me all teary-eyed and said 'no' in a sad little voice. He's a cute kid!

Back to who this is about today... my baby. I love that he is still itty bitty enough that I can call him 'The Baby' when I talk about him. He also crawls super fast now and tries to do a spiderman walk and use his feet to crawl instead of his knees. He babbles. A lot. All the time actually. He loves to pull up to our big square ottoman and see how fast he can walk all the way around it. Hilarious. He loves to eat! He'll eat absolutely anything so far. (p.s. I just typed fart by accident and I actually laughed out loud to myself about it. Need more sleep much?? or is it funny cause I have all boys??). We're really working on saying Momma first and it's NOT working. He breastfeeds and we both find comfort and joy in that. He still wears his cloth diapers. I love 'em! He has figured out how to put everything into his mouth EXCEPT food. It's quite bizarre. He still wakes up in the middle of the night two or three times to nurse. We co-sleep after the first time he wakes and I wouldn't have it any other way. It IS okay to do that people. Just thought you should know ;) He can stand for like three seconds as long as you trick him and make him forget he's not holding on to anything. He has brown hair-my only boy with dark hair. I think his eyes are green, still hard to tell, they still have a gray tint to them. Oh and he's precious and beautiful and happy!! And here he is:

To see more of his beautifulness, please go to my photography blog.


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