Thursday, December 3, 2009

silly baby

Before I tell you about our silly little peanut...let me just tell you this: The photos below are not edited. And from now on the majority of the photos I post on this blog will be largely unedited too. That's because, sometimes there are funny things I want to share, but have to edit the photos first, so I never get around to posting the cute, the funny, and the weird! SO, now you know, these and future photos are SOOC (straight out of camera).

About the boy... Jonyn loves to look outside. He loves to sit (and now stand) at the door and just look out and bang on the window. Yesterday, I was beside him snapping a few photos of him when Matt (our neighbor who's door is literally right beside ours) came home and started laughing at Jonyn. My little J was licking the front door. The one the dogs look out of allllll the time. The one that has dog slobber and snot all over it. So I stepped outside to capture it so I could always remember how silly my munchkin is... and how gross kids can be ;)

Hey look, there's part of my reflection!

He thinks Mommy & Daddy & 'Uncle' Matt are funny when we laugh...

Hey there I am again. Who says I never show up in my kids pictures??

Those faces are priceless... oh and sorry for posting sooo many, but he just had too many funny faces during that whole mess :)

Happy Thursday!

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