Tuesday, December 29, 2009

thought you should know

Something has been on my mind for some time now... and usually when something lingers for that long, I feel I should act on it and make it happen. So this is what you should know: the name and place of my blog will be changing starting January 1st. whatdoyaknow... another new thing starting the 1st. hm. Anyhow, that's the news... nothing spectacular. I'm just a complicated person who embraces change and wants to make things difficult for you. yep, that's me! And I'll have the reasons for the change on the new blog. So be sure to look for a post with the new link in it soon and be sure to switch over to follow that blog once it's up. Don't worry... I'll remind ya. Cause I'm your friend like that ;)


EDIT: in case you didn't know.... this one IS the new blog that you are reading this very moment, right now, this second ;).

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