Tuesday, December 8, 2009

what a bummer

Well, I have some fun and cute and sweet photos I want to post. BUT I can't right now. See, my computer started oozing what looked and smelled like acid on Thursday night. It was so weird and so random. I knew nothing had spilled on since it's in a cabinet and it stays shut when my kids are in the room. So we took it back to Best Buy and they gave us our replacement. The only problem with that is alllll my Photoshop stuff was on it :( Toby hasn't had a chance to re-install it all for me yet so I can't open my camera raw photos and view them and convert them to jpegs right now. However in spite of all that, I'm utterly grateful that we were able to replace it so easily! Long story short - I really want to post photos of my kids, but can't.

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