Friday, January 22, 2010

a favorite thing... or 12

Here's my stash. My favorite stash. My stash of reusable grocery bags. I love them so much. They are handy for things other than groceries too. But I love em the most for the mounds of food I sometimes bring home from the store. I got most of these for around $.99. Not too shabby. And I LOVE them. I adore them. They hold enough groceries that you don't have 10 gazillion bags when you get home. They are sturdy enough to not fall over in the back of my van! Big bonus!! And they're easier to carry in. At least I think so! And yes, I really do take them with me and tell the checker, I have bags! Makes me happy. It's fun! There's a football one, breast cancer awareness ones, Halloween, Christmas, a couple of the 'green' ones. I've just picked up a few as I go. And at our United here, you actually get a $.05 bag credit for every bag you bring in to use. Pretty sweet. (Although, I'll admit, I typically go to Wal-Mart). I'm usually shopping about the time the poofy hairs shop along with the other brave stay at home moms. The Wal-Marks is a scary place if y'all didn't know! You should consider acquiring your own stash of reusable grocery bags too.

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