Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday's Top Ten

More of my favorites...

1. Drink: Cherry Limeade from Sonic

2. Restaurant: Olive Garden

3. Pizza: Pepperoni. mmmm...

4. Candy Bar: Symphony (if I actually get a candy bar.... once in a blue moon... it's a luxury. we're on a budget)

5. Boy's Jeans: Old Navy

6. Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate (another luxury now....)

7. Flavor Packet for my H2O: Cranberry Apple. total yum.

8. Pens: Plain black BICS.

9. Book: just kidding, no fave.. I love so many! but I will say I love a good romance (Christian fiction is the best!!)

10. Movie: Ever After. My mom and I saw this in the theater. love it so much!!

dude, after a second glance... I must be hungry! sheesh!!

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