Wednesday, January 13, 2010

gave up

Well, usually profound thoughts DO NOT make it into my mommy brain. Usually I read profound things. I don't come up with them. They don't suddenly strike at just the right time. But today, that really happened to me. It changed my thought process straight in it's tracks.

This morning, Taylan had cereal for breakfast, then realized that I was having toast. He asked for a piece, so I gave him my second slice. I put two more slices into the toaster, looking forward to my toast and butter. (so good). Sleepy Kanyon strolls into the kitchen about the time my toast pops up asks what he smells. I tell him it's toast and halfheartedly ask him if he would like it. Naturally he says yes, so I grimace just a little when suddenly I realize it is just toast I am giving up. I am giving up my toast for my son. How much more did Jesus give up for us without a second thought? He gave his life for us. His breath, his heartbeat. All to cleanse us from our sins. How often do I forget that and take it for granted. Everyday. There are days I do not even acknowledge that He lived and then died a painful death for me, just to free me from my sins. I am a sinner, saved and forgiven, but only because there was a Savior who gave up everything...

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