Friday, January 29, 2010

my great uncle

So I've been sick and when I am, me and Internet don't see much of each other. In fact, me and Couch and me and Bed get along real nice when I'm icky feeling. So I haven't had much face time with my computer lately...

So anyways, you'll remember me telling you that my 54yr old great uncle has had cancer for a while and was in kidney failure not very long ago. A lot of us were praying that he would at least survive the night and survive long enough the next day to find Jesus. The day after he went into the hospital, my mom's pastor went up to there to visit him (along with my mom and nanny). Well, praise the one and only God, because he did accept Jesus into his life that next night! I am so happy and grateful and in awe. My mom said it was an amazing sight to see, and I can just imagine. She said that he looked different, his eyes were brighter. We're all so happy about his acceptance of the Lord into his life. What's also amazing is that his kids got to witness it too! Can you imagine? How awesome that had to have been!

As you'll remember, he has cancer ALL over his body. It's everywhere. And they've known for a while that it's just a matter of time. At this point, he's leaving the hospital to go to a nursing home. He's off all meds, so please pray that he will find relief from pain in his last days. Also pray that Jesus will comfort our family during this time. Thank you so much friends.

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