Sunday, January 10, 2010

my strategy

Ok, people, I have 20 minutes before I MUST get ready for bed in order to get up on time in the morning. So I have been thinking about this all week. I have been saying for this entire week, "If I could just hire a maid to give my house a once over, it would be so easy to then keep it up." Yes, that is how bad my house has once again become. This is an area I feel I fail in as a HOMEMAKER and provider and caretaker for my kids. This place we live in should be a sanctuary for my kids (and Toby and me), a retreat, a place of comfort and peace. Instead I have let it become a stressed out cluttered space that is NOT comfortable or serene in any way. It's OOgly. It's bad people! Things are so cluttered, and they just keep piling up, and everything is messy and dirty. I have slacked and let this one thing I can control get away from me. I have been thinking all week about how to regain that control and once again make my little house a comfortable place for us to dwell and be a family together. So I sat down and starting writing stuff out. I needed a plan. A GOOD one. I usually do better with things if I write them out. So I did, then I typed it all up and got it all organized. I WILL be my own maid for the next couple of weeks!

First thing I did to get this house overhaul started was put down my steps to real change this year. I used the same scripture reference she used for each step. Then I put my own goal underneath it for each step. I am keeping this in my bible to read over EVERY morning until it is ingrained into my head.

Secondly, I made up a House Cleaning Strategy. On it, I put the time I wanted to complete my overhaul, then I listed all the areas I needed to organize/make over, which is basically every room in the house. I included the hallway, blinds, floors, and windows as one whole area because I would rather do all that kind of stuff in one day rather than doing as I go through each room. 

Third is my plan of action! Woo! On this part, I broke it up into days, listed the room I wanted to complete, then went room to room listing the things I needed to do in that area. Basically, I am decluttering/organizing/cleaning a room a day starting with the kitchen and moving back through the house. It's bad y'all. We don't have hall closets or anything, we only have closets in each bedroom, so those will get done with each room. I suppose if we DID have closets everywhere, I would give those their own day too.

I also made a space for needs and notes. For instance, I need some giant totes for various rooms that need stuff gone away into storage in the garage. Also, I DO NOT clean on the weekends. That is my family time, not my cleaning time. This works for me. AND I don't plan on spending ENTIRE days doing this, just a few hours per day. I've tried to keep it flexible, so if one room is giving me fits, I can take a break and finish it the next day. That makes it feel a little less overwhelming too.

The last thing I have done is make a Daily Household Chores chart. My plan is to do these four things DAILY (and daily chores will be done on weekends too):
1. 2 loads of laundry per day... this means 2 loads that have been washed, dried, and put away where they belong. I won't be leaving it in the laundry room anymore! (and dipee loads don't count in my 2 per day).
2. Dishes. For obvious reasons.
3. Pick up the living area and my room and the comp room. The boys are responsible for their sleep and toy rooms. They p/u the toy room while I cook dinner every day.
4. Sweep and Vacuum. This is a must w/a baby who eats everything now.

On this same chart, I also have chores I have assigned to specific days of the week. Like, on Mondays, I mop and clean the bathrooms, and on Tuesdays, I dust and clean the fans. Etc. This has me cleaning only Mon-Thurs and I LOVE that. *I just don't do the cleaningthewholehouseinoneday thing at all.

Lastly (I know, it's long), I made up a schedule for myself with specific times to get things done around the house. A time to get up, get ready, have quiet times, get the boys up and ready, clean, play, etc. I NEED a Daily Routine like that on paper to get ME organized.

This should take me less than two weeks. I will be getting rid of A LOT of stuff (I hope). If it hasn't been used in 4-6mths, it's GONE!! If it be broke... it be gone!! Those random places in my home where junk has collected.... that stuff is gone too. I've got a lot of work to do before I'm to that place where it's no longer embarrassing and my heart starts pounding when someone mentions 'dropping by'. or when someone knocks at the door. or when someone wants to get together. But I will be so HAPPY and hopefully feel a little less stressed and overwhelmed once I'm finished. Because it has seriously gotten to the point where all I could think is I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START!!! and that thought alone stresses me out. And THAT is how bad it is y'all! And that's also why I had to come up with a plan and put it to paper. It's seems more manageable now, more attainable!

Okay, it is 20minutes past my bedtime! Whoops! Also, whether or not this actually helps anyone else, it has certainly helped me. I feel way LESS overwhelmed than I did before I put it all to paper.


ps.. I actually did NOT proof read this time (I'm a nut about proof reading over and over and over...) so there may be ugly errors =D


  1. I need to purge desperately too! Our house has been surprisingly good except for our bedroom which is covered in clothes on an almost constant basis. Laundry is the enemy. I actually had the thought once that god wont let me have a baby until I know how to do the laundry on a regular basis...

  2. Brooke, have you ever come across motivated moms? It's a mom's chore planner, and it looks really neat. I've never used it, but I've heard wonderful things about it, and I thought it might be something that would interest you. If you scroll about 3/4 of the page there's sample pages you can look at. Anyways, it's just something I heard about recently, so I thought I'd pass it along. :0)


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