Tuesday, January 12, 2010

on track?

So yesterday, I put my plan of action into...well... action. I started in the kitchen. It was my day 1 project. J is cutting teeth and had an upset tummy alllll day yesterday, so I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. But I did manage to clean the TOP of the fridge. Let's just say EW! I'm glad I keep a towel up there to keep it covered. Only, it didn't cover the edges, so I had some grime build up all the way around the top of the fridge. I got that done and replaced the towel. Don't worry, they are not towels I have for everyday use. I also got my cabinets and counter tops and backsplash scrubbed. I went through my pantry a few months ago, so thankfully that was already done. That's all I was able to do yesterday BECAUSE.... I had to scratch an itch I'd been having. I NEEDED, I repeat, I NEEDED to rearrange the furniture in the living room!! There's really only two ways our waytoobig furniture can go. So Toby helped me with that. We got that finished and my oh my, it's amazing what you find under your furniture! So today, I had it down to start on the dining room, but decided to do the living (it's really just all one big space) and went through the entertainment center stuff, got some clutter put away, and I redid my walls. I took a less is more approach with the walls. I used to always think you really needed to fill up all the wall space, but I refrained this time. It feels more open and roomy without all the stuff. I also went through the kitchen cabinets and got rid of all the stuff I don't use or have never used. That was nice. I actually have a little bit of empty space in my house now. I forgot what that was like!! So I'm BASICALLY right on track. Having a teething fussy baby doesn't help. He's not been feeling very well. But it's okay, I still feel less overwhelmed than before.

{my clean kitchen yesterday, with dinner cookin'}

Also, Baby did NOT sleep well last night. And I had already gone to bed an hour late, so I was SOOO tired when it was time to get up. Not to mention J was latched on for a loooong time around the time I was supposed to get up. So needless to say, I was up late. And let me just tell you, I felt so different today compared to yesterday. Yesterday, I had my quiet time and stuck totally to my schedule til evening came and I had to rearrange. I felt really good and my mood was much lighter and I felt like I got tons of stuff done. I played with Kanyon more too, and I loved it. Today, I (sadly) didn't have quiet time, and my schedule wasn't really a factor. Of course, appointments and standing in long slow lines didn't help, but I could have stuck to it after lunch time. I just didn't. So as soon as I'm done here, I'm hittin' the shower and going to BED!! I now know that I MUST have quiet time to reflect and pray and read and give my day to God on a daily basis. I can finally see a teensy amount of sunshine through those dark clouds that have been hovering over me. Thank the Lord.

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