Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well, today is day two of the 21 day fast. If you forgot what we're fasting around here, let me remind you... As a family we are fasting all unnecessary spending. That means paycheck goes to bills and necessary items only. Thankfully I did good on my grocery bill this week and checked the ads before I went and planned my meals based on what was on sale. It was beautiful to come under budget, especially since it's a friend's very sweet little girls birthday party today! We also HAD to get Toby some contacts and since we spent less last week in preparation for the fast, we were able to get everything we needed to get this week. WOO HOO!

Toby was originally going to fast food, but it kept bothering him for some reason and we chatted about why he chose food. And after some talking, he decided to switch and fast the same thing I am fasting.... sleeping in. Day two was tough because our church was doing 24hrs of prayer yesterday and my time slot was 11pm last night (for 30mins or so) and that's too late for me personally to try and get up early (not complaining about going to prayer, just stating that I picked a bad time for me). My body doesn't respond well to lack of sleep. My plan is to be up between 530 and 6, BUT a nursing baby who wants to wake up and eat just before 6 makes it hard because I like to lay down in bed and feed him. It's easier and he's less likely to stay awake if he's snuggled up cozy in my bed. SO all that to say that I got up just after 630am. A little late, but for sure earlier than the norm. I'm trying. I really am. I WANT to be up early. My body doesn't however. But I desire to rise early to better serve the Lord and my family.

Also, my husband is amazing. He really is. I love him so much. I love that we are in our 10th year of marriage. Love that. I love that we have endured even though those early days were particularly tough and we both had our doubts that first year. I'm so glad we stuck it out and stayed true to each other. He IS the best part of me. Without a doubt. And he has given me three of the most amazing gifts a wife could ever ask for... our babies. I cherish the day we were married, and I cherish the day each of my sons were born.

{my love}

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  1. LOL....I see that sight at my house every night too. Gotta love that XBOX!


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