Sunday, February 14, 2010

another (in)courage post

This struck a chord today.... actually brought tears to my eyes...


It spoke to my heart in so many ways. I can relate to what the author wrote. If a more intimate relationship with God means a more intimate relationship with my husband, then it can only be win-win.

I've been really terrible about getting up early since my nausea started. It's around the clock and some mornings are worse than others. But I keep feeling God tugging at my heart strings asking me to come back to him and seek him every morning before the house wakes up. It will be a challenge....more so now than before. But I MUST do so in order to really connect with God. In order to be a better wife. And in order to be a better Mom. I'm growing up 4 kids for the kingdom of God. How well of a job will I be able to do if my life isn't 100% Christ centered? if I'm not giving my days over to him continually? if I'm not seeking him and serving him before I wake up my house and start serving them? I have to do better. That was the prayer of my heart this morning. To be able to really rest and wake up early again. To have a  burning desire in my heart to know God more. I HAVE to do better. I have to. And I want to. Tomorrow will be a fresh start (again). Seems I'm always in need of a fresh start. Maybe one of these days I'll get it right and live my life completely obedient.

Happy Heart Day!

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